Convocation 2019

Enflame Our Hearts


Overland Park Convention Center
Address: 6000 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66211

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Welcome to the Enflame Our Hearts Convocation 2019, a three-day convening of key leaders, both clergy and laity, coming together to work, pray, learn and be inspired to become a wave of missionary disciples enflamed with the holy spirit.

The goal of this gathering (and the initiative to follow) is to expand all facets of parish and Catholic life in our archdiocese beyond the demands of maintenance to the challenging adventures of mission. This will be accomplished by activating leaders who serve with “a missionary dynamism which will bring salt and light to the world” (Joy of the Gospel, 81).

The Enflame Our Hearts convocation in October 2019 will be an opportunity to gather and focus our archdiocesan community in shared prayer, discovery, planning and purpose. This event will be a launching point to a larger parish initiative in 2020. Our hope is for deeper relationships, inspired holiness and active joy in each of our parish communities. This work will concentrate our efforts at the parish level to further encounters with Christ and one another in an effort to enflame hearts, homes and communities with the Joy of the Gospel.


Archbishop Naumann, along with parish pastors and other local Church leaders, desire that the people of northeast Kansas have hearts on fire for Jesus Christ. But the Archbishop also recognizes the numerous present-day challenges that the Church faces in proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples. The Archbishop calls all the Faithful of this this local Church to “build a culture of evangelization across the Archdiocese” (Shared Vision Document, 1st Key Initiative).

Archbishop Naumann hopes that Convocation 2019, Enflame Our Hearts, will be a valuable tool to better enable parish and other Catholic leaders to carry out the Lord’s commission to make disciples and to build a culture of evangelization here in northeast Kansas. It is the Archbishop’s goal that the Convocation will better equip parish and other Church leaders to build a culture that enflames the hearts of the many who already know Jesus and draws others to follow the deepest longings of their own hearts so they too might have hearts enflamed for Christ and His Church.


  1. Create a Culture of Evangelization
    Come Holy Spirit…enflame our hearts
  2. Strengthen Marriage and Family
    Come Holy Spirit…enflame our homes
  3. Engage in Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy
    Come Holy Spirit…enflame our communities

These pillars of individual, family and community encourage a personal conversion of heart that is lived out in your homes, neighborhoods and places of work.

You have been invited to share in this great work of missionary discipleship.


“The Church’s vision for evangelization is not another task for a lay person to add on top of everything else that he or she is already doing; rather, it is integrated within one’s daily life. It is not to be complicated or burdensome, but simple and intentional.” (Msgr. Richter in Integrated Evangelization, 3)” (Msgr. Richter, IE, 24)

We know that only God’s love can mend the brokenness of our hearts, our homes and our world. We, as His Church, are called to be the safe harbor for all of His suffering children. But this work requires a commitment to action and to externally living out active love. We must close the ever-expanding distance between our church walls and our neighborhoods, between parishes and the culture by witnessing God’s love in our lives. Your witness to active love will affect culture – and you are a culture-shaper.

We believe that renewal of the Church will be achieved through the renewal of the individual heart. A renewed heart faithfully strengthens a home and intentionally supports (in prayer and action) a renewed community. This is the process of restoring relationships that are Christ-centered in the Catholic Church that Archbishop Naumann desires for this archdiocese. This is change – and you are a change agent.


You are an important leader of the historic wave of missionary disciples that Archbishop is launching into our homes and communities. Our Church needs active and dynamic Catholic witnesses to model their love for Christ to others. We need examples of holy living that reflects the goodness, beauty and truth so often diminished in our secular culture. We are in desperate need of trailblazers whose daily lives testify to their relationship with Christ and His Church.

We need men and women with hearts on fire for Jesus who will encounter and invite others into genuine Christian friendships of accountability and accompaniment.

We need leaders who build up homes by providing support – opportunities and resources – for families to actively experience the love of Christ.

We need witnesses to guide the Church in our world through an awareness of cultural and social sensitivities with responses rooted in love, mercy and hope.

Your role as a delegate is to engage in preparation, participate with your parish or organization delegation in the Convocation and invest in the continuing work of missionary discipleship in your parish and Catholic community. We hope to support delegations in this work to create parish centers of inspired holiness and joy, thus building a greater culture of evangelization.

You are a culture shaper.

You are a change agent.

You are a pivotal player in building a culture of evangelization.

You are invited to be a missionary disciple.