2019 Archdiocesan Convocation of Parish Ministries – October 3-5, 2019
Enflame Our Hearts: Be Disciples, Make Disciples.
Location: Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66211

*Please note this is a tentative agenda. 


Landscape Demands that We Hear the Gospel Anew

5:30 PM – Welcome Reception (Wine & light hors d’oeuvres)

7:00 PM – Our Story, Our Land, Our Hearts and The Mission

7:30 PM – Keynote Address: “The Power of the Gospel” – Mark Hart

8:00 PM – Adoration w/Benediction

9:13 PM – Salve Regina-Little Sisters

9:15 PM – Evening Social (Beer, wine, music)


Radical Missionary Disciples Vibrantly Embrace the Gospel

7:15 AM – Rosary (optional)

8:00 AM – Welcome Prayer For Our Homes with Music 

8:30 AM – Panelists and Witness Talks: Prayer, Care, Share

9:00 AM – Keynote Address: “Enflame Our Homes” – Lisa Brenninkmeyer

10:00 AM – Interaction with Panelists and Groups

Boldly Sharing the Gospel takes us to the Peripheries

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:30 PM – Teaching & Witness Talks on Social Distance

2:00 PM – Q&A, and group discussion on Social Distance

3:30 PM – Mass

5:30 PM – Dinner

7:00 PM – Time of Prayer with Community Leaders

8:00 PM – Keynote Address: “Boldly Sharing the Gospel”

8:58 PM – Salve-Sisters of the Poor of Jesus Christ

9:00 PM – Evening Social (Beer, wine, music)


Courageous Leaders Pursue Excellence

8:00 AM – Welcome Prayer for Our Hearts, Homes, and Communities

8:30 AM – Breakout Sessions 

Featuring ministries you can partner with to reach your community
• Entanglement Ministries
• Care Portal
• Twinning
• Caring for Kids
• Catholic Charities
• Joyful Marriage
• Special Needs

9:15 AM – Pre-launch Reconvening

10:00 AM – A Moment of Celebration for What Has Happened and What Is To Come

10:15 AM – Closing Remarks

10:45 AM – Archbishop Confers a Great Commissioning Upon the Crowd

11:00 AM – Mass

12:30 PM – Lunch

Hotel Information 

Below you will find the link for hotels that are offering blocks of rooms at a discounted rate to all of our attendees.

If you are planning to stay at a hotel during the Convocation, please reserve your room(s) through this link by February 25. Rooms can be reserved now with a credit card; payment will be due at check-in.